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The Balanced Scorecard Toolkit 3.1 download by Ovitz Taylor Gates

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Description of The Balanced Scorecard Toolkit
balanced scorecard - Keep at it. Balanced Scorecard hard? Let’s face it—setting up and running a balanced scorecard is no easy task. How do we satisfy everyone’s needs and quit having to answer the same questions over and over again? Sometimes it seems easier to keep going along as we have been than to design and implement a whole new system. But it doesn’t have to be! We here at Balanced Scorecard Survival have been there and done that, ten times over. That’s what made us decide to stand up one day and declare that our time is too valuable to waste another second working without a viable balanced scorecard solution! It’s this declaration that led to the Balanced Scorecard Toolkit, a step-by-step guide that lays everything out so simply and logically, even your boss could setup a Balanced Scorecard (but of course, you could do it much better). We’re always adding new information as we come across it, and are pleased to announce the release of our newest version. Balanced Scorecard Survival means you only get what you measure. But, when it comes to performance management, how can you be sure you are measuring the right things? And communicating the right information to the right people? Using the Balanced Scorecard framework is a good place to start — allowing you to align and support key processes — and to translate strategy into operational objectives, measures, targets and initiatives. The Balanced Scorecard Survival site is developed to offer you the latest thinking on Balanced Scorecard Strategy.
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