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UML Diagrammer 6.27 Build 2070 download by Pacestar Software

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Description of UML Diagrammer
With UML Diagrammer you are able to create and generate activity diagramas, class and object or package diagrams and many more.

Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible AND commonly understood notation. UML Diagrammer cuts to the chase of fast and easy UML design.

It does not do code generation. Rather it allows you to benefit from the best aspects of UML - the visual design process. And it makes this process very easy and fast to learn.

No training classes are required, and you can become productive immediately. Contains online help and hyperlinked tips diagrams for instant help.

Professional visual design features include full pan and zoom, OLE for integration with object linking and embedding-enabled applications, graphics import and export, poster printing, curves, custom arrowheads, hyperlinks to diagrams, documents, web pages.

Powerful grid and alignment aids keep your diagram attractive and customizable styles and templates let you design your own diagram types.

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