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Verification Engine 2.1.0 download by Comodo Inc

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Description of Verification Engine
VerificationEngine (VE) is an innovative, free multi-browser anti-phishing and identity assurance tool to help consumers achieve a new level of online transactional security two ways. First, VE helps consumers differentiate between “good” business-verified gold padlocks from “bad” non-verified ones. This verification process is critical when submitting sensitive critical card information to any merchant or banking site. Second, VE can help consumers distinguish between legitimate sites and fraudulent “mimic” sites specifically designed to steal personal information by looking just like legitimate sites. With VE, consumers can verify, for example, that the log-in box is authentic to the brand on the site before they interact with or log-in to their account. VerificationEngine™ works with an extremely simple and innovative user-friendly interface and protects consumers by enabling them to verify web content before they conduct online business. Once VE is active on the PC. It automatically and continuously offers verification capabilities so that consumers can engage VE’s verification technologies anytime during their online interaction. Consumers can verify company logos, credit card logos on sites (verifying that the merchant is a legitimate merchant of these credit cards) and log-in or account sign-in boxes. Verification is accomplished by consumers simply rolling the mouse over the content they wish to verify and verified content will display a bright green border outside the browser. Never wonder again whether you are on a legitimate banking site or merchant site. VE give you the power to tell which sites are legitimate and which ones can not be trusted. All with a roll of the mouse. Protect yourself now – get VE.
Tags:   Antiphishing And Identity Assurance Tool , Content Verification , Online Fraud Detaction , Site Verification

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