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WebTrance 3.0:107 download by SkyCode Ltd.

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Description of WebTrance
WebTrance is a translation software package that automatically translates texts, help files, menus, windows and web pages from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.

Our site offers several options for making translations:
- With our online translator you can translate free of charge up to 20 requests of up to 500 characters each a day;
- You can download our translation program -- WebTrance that allows unlimited number of translations of up to 500 characters in free mode;
- You can purchase an SMS-license (only for Bulgarian mobile operators) that allows you to make 1000 online translations of up to 2000 characters each, and to use the machine translator WebTrance in full mode for a month.
- You can purchase unlimited license that allows you to make 10 000 online translations of up to 2000 characters each, and to use the current base version of the translation program WebTrance, as well as all of its sub-versions, in full mode with no time limitation.
- You can add our online translation service to your site.

Meaningful, not literal translation is a challenge to many people learning a foreign language. The goal of WebTrance is understandable translation of complete sentences, not just another computer dictionary. Following this goal, WebTrance is constantly being improved. Of course, no computer program can deliver a 100% accurate translation, especially in cases where the meaning of many words and even whole sentences depends on the context.

For instance:

"The judge considered the sentence." can be interpreted ambiguously, not knowing whether the word "sentence" means a conviction or a string of words.

When you read a text, you analyze its contents drawing on your entire life experience, i.e. mostly on the word meanings. WebTrance analyzes the text drawing mainly on the grammar and syntax and only partly using semantic analysis. It is so, because the grammar and syntax are much better defined than the semantic associations everyone starts learning from the very birth.

As a consequence of the above, insignificant errors in the grammar of the input text might sometimes lead to the complete loss of understandability in the translation. A similar effect can be observed if the intended meaning of a given word in the source sentence is not present in the database.

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