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Win32/Virut Remover download by AVG Technologies

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Description of Win32/Virut Remover
With Win32/Virut Remover you'll be able to get rid of the virus infection in no time. All you need to do is download the two files and run the executable.

You can also specify the disks (or partitions) to heal as a command parameters, e.g.: "rmvirut C: D:". If the command is used without parameters, it heals all disks (partitions) on computer.

Successful running of the remover requires administrator rights. For proper functionality of the remover it is necessary to save the rmvirut.nt into the same folder as rmvirut.exe. After the healing process please run the AVG Complete Test to make sure your computer is virus-free.

If the infected computer is connected to LAN, disconnect it and re-connect only after all other computers have been checked and cleaned.

* Download file rmvirut.exe
* Then run the tool for removal of infected files. The tool will automatically scan all available discs and will try to heal the infected files. If an active virus is found in memory, the tool will ask the user to reboot the computer. Healing will be performed during operating system boot-up sequence, so any active virus cannot interfere with the healing process.
* Update you AVG after restart and run a complete test.

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