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Windows Live Family Safety 2011 15.4.3555.308 download by Microsoft

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Description of Windows Live Family Safety 2011
The kids are online and you’re busy. Windows Live Family Safety application is there to help. Use activity reports to monitor your kids' computer activity. Choose websites, games, and programs they can access. Even set time periods when they can use the computer. So go ahead, be busy. Family Safety can help keep an eye on things.

SafeSearch is locked on for Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines. You can add kids right on the Family Safety website. For parents who are ready to give older kids a bit more responsibility, we’ve added a new setting that allows all websites but lets you know if kids go to potentially inappropriate ones. The Family Safety website gives parents control over when kids use the computer, what games they can play, and what programs they can run.

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