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WX Speed Mail Portable Free 1.5 download by WXSDA

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Description of WX Speed Mail Portable Free
WX Speed Mail Portable Free is a lightweight and simple to understand software solution that provides you with a quick alternative to sending email messages to your friends. The program is quite handy and pleasant to work with, requiring no installation process and launching within seconds, so as to allow you to email your message in little to no time. The colorful and attractive interface makes it quite appealing, while its ease of use makes it a good option for sending emails. In order to send a message, WX Speed Mail Portable Free only needs you to enter the 'Subject', the recipient's email address as well as your own and the text. Additionally, it allows you edit the body of the message however you please, enabling you to modify the alignment, the font or the size, add bullets, underline or place in italics certain parts to make them stand out. WX Speed Mail Portable Free also supports Carbon Copy recipients along with the ability to send a message to 'All Mail List'. Moreover, it can send attachments of up to 10 Megabytes in size, so you could for instance attach a few pictures, a song or even a small video for your friends and family. Thanks to its portability characteristic, you can take WX Speed Mail Portable Free with you on any removable media drive and run it on any computer, be it at work, at home or in a public library. Similarly, because it does not go through an installation process, the tool does not create pesky registry entries and it can be removed just by deleting the containing folder. To conclude, WX Speed Mail Portable Free is a reliable and user-friendly application that enables you to send messages with the least amount of effort, right from your desktop and without even having to resort to an email client or service to do it.
Tags:   Access , Battery , Colors , Files , Launch , Memory , Menu , Mouse , Open , Optimizer

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