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Zinc 3.0.23 download by Multidmedia Limited

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Description of Zinc
Zinc is the industry leading SWF2EXE application - Create, Build and Deploy real Desktop Applications based upon the Macromedia Flash Format! Zinc empowers your SWF files with unrivalled functionality and flexibility. Create powerful Desktop Applications for Windows with over 800 new and extremely powerful commands for your Flash projects. Zinc can completely customize every aspect of your Application from size, style, border and icon, and its powerful scripting support, {mdm}Script 2.0, allows unrivalled functionality. Zinc will even allow you to completely skin your projectors and program with over 100 pre-designed Skins! FEATURES: Adobe Flash 9 Compatible: · Zinc v2.5 is 100% Flash 9 Compatible on Windows and Flash 8 Compatible on Mac OSX! This means you can start working with the latest release of Flash without the worry of compatibility. On Windows, you can even select which version of the Flash OCX to include with your Project! {mdm}Script 2.0: · Following the success of {mdm}Script, Zinc v2.5 now features an all new {mdm}Script 2.0 Scripting Engine! {mdm}Script 2.0 provides a true Object Orientated Approach to Programming and is integrated directly with ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 - Using {mdm}Script 2.0 is as simple and straightforward as using ActionScript. In addition, {mdm}Script 2.0 is available in your Project without the need to initialize it first. Synchronous & Asynchronous Scripting: · {mdm}Script 2.0 is 100% Synchronous! This means that code is executed in the correct order eliminating the need to use Call Backs, Loops, Intervals or any other "workarounds". Best of all, Zinc v2.5 is the First and Only SWF2EXE Application which provides the ability to switch between Synchronous and Asynchronous Scripting during runtime on both Windows and Mac OSX. · You choose the best method for your Project - True Synchronous and/or Asynchronous behavior on both Windows and Mac OSX means you can work smarter, not harder. Native Windows & Mac OSX Versions: · Zinc v2.5 is now available, natively, for both Windows and Mac OSX! The all new Mac OSX IDE Version features the same intuitive and familiar User Interface as the long established Windows version, along with some great enhancements designed specifically for OSX. Over 800 Commands: · The all new Zinc v2 Scripting API, {mdm}Script 2.0, features over 800 methods, properties and events for use in ActionScript! Virtually anything can be achieved "out of the box" making {mdm}Script 2.0 the most powerful 3rd Party Scripting API for Adobe Flash. Combined with the groundbreaking features of the compiling engine, this makes Zinc v2.5 the Ultimate SWF2EXE Application. Form Based Development: · Zinc v2 embraces a form based visual programming environment, which allows advanced development of applications. Zinc v2 is the only SWF2EXE tool which offers multiple window applications based upon the Adobe Flash Format! 100% Standalone Projectors: · A key improvement, Zinc v2 now builds completely standalone Projectors. Using advanced OCX handling Techniques, Zinc v2 Projectors will now run even if the end system does not have the Flash OCX installed. In addition, Admin Rights are no longer required! Pixel Perfect Transparency: · Transparency in Zinc v2 has been greatly improved. PC Windows 2000 and XP Projectors now benefit from pixel perfect transparency and alpha blending which means you can create amazing transparent desktop applications. In addition, Transparency is also supported on Windows 98SE Systems! Build Installers and Trial Protected Projectors: · Zinc v2 now allows you to compile a custom installer for your application. In addition, you can create "Trial" applications by limiting your projector to number of uses, number of days use, or even to a specific date. Projector Transitions: · Build applications which morph, blend, fade and scroll onto your desktop! Projector transitions are unique to Zinc v2 and add incredible creative functionality to your desktop applica
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