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Hobo 5 Space Brawl
Hobo 5 Space Brawl 1.0 download by hobo 5 has been abducted by an alien ship and you're on a UFO in space. Foreigners have used your DNA for a clone and are in the process. hobo also drained 5 of all combo moves, so you have to fight the aliens and the homeless to recover clones. Use the arrow keys to for movement controls, the A key to punch and S key to kick. Once you level up, a new trick combo will be unlocked that will take your gross ways to the new ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/16/2012;    Filesize: 8.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Hobo, Space, Brawl, Action Download
Hobo 4 Total War
Hobo 4 Total War 1.0 download by This time our beloved hobo takes on the whole army. He is a wanted menace and everyone wants him dead. Prepare for total war, hobo style! A to punch and pick up objects, S for kicks and stuff, Arrow keys to ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/24/2012;    Filesize: 6.4 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Hobo 4 Total War, Action Download
Hobo 3 Wanted
Hobo 3 Wanted 1.0 download by hobo 3 continues with the story line where hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, and the government wants him dead or alive. A to punch and pick up objects. S for kicks and stuff. Arrow keys to move. Have fun and good ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 08/06/2012;    Filesize: 5.8 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Hobo, Wanted, Action Download
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Type: Freeware;    Released: 03/18/2012;    Filesize: 1.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;