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CurTiPot Acid-Base pH and Titration
CurTiPot Acid-Base pH and Titration 3.2.3 download by Ivano G. R. Gutz All-in-one freeware for pH and equilibrium calculations, real data analysis and simulation of titration curves of acids, bases, salts and buffers (from simple solutions to complex mixtures) with interpolation, smoothing and nonlinear regression. volume data from simulated and real potentiometric titration curves by two methods: i) graphical representation of curves, assisted by cubic splines interpolation and smoothing of derivative curves, for accurate evaluation of inflections (end-points); ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 01/11/2007;    Filesize: 529.3 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Ph, Acid, Base, Buffer, Titration, Potentiometry, Electrode, Equivalence Point, Inflection, Dissociation Constant Download