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Split MP3
Split MP3 1.0 download by split mp3 is a simple little program that can split any of your mp3 files easily. You can directly save the output to an mp3 file without converting it and hence finishing the job quickly. You can also save the final output in mp3, WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, M4A or AC3 format. You can also set the final bitrate and hence deciding the final size and quality. - All you need to do is play the mp3. - Mark start and end of the output mp3. - Then simply ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 05/09/2012;    Filesize: 4.2 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
MP3 Splitter
MP3 Splitter 5.5.1 download by MP3 Splitter mp3 Splitter a FREEWARE to join and split mp3 files easily and quickly. mp3 Splitter is an easy and efficient yet FREE mp3 Splitter Joiner.split mp3 files into specified length clips. split mp3 files into equal-length sections. split mp3 files into specified size parts.split mp3 section whose start and end points are specified ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 03/20/2012;    Filesize: 2.2 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: mp3 Splitter, Split mp3, mp3 Joiner, Join mp3, Free mp3 Splitter Download
Slice Audio File Splitter
Slice Audio File Splitter 1.00 download by NCH Swift Sound Software This audio file splitter is designed to split mp3 files. Slice can also detect a specified amount of silence and split the file at these points. This audio file splitter that is designed to take mp3 files and cut them into either a set number of files or files of a set duration. Slice can also detect a specified amount of silence and split the file at these points. This is useful where you have ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/14/2006;    Filesize: 170.9 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Audio Splitter, Split Audio, Sound Splitter, Audio File Split, Split Sound Files, Split mp3 Tracks, Split Song, Split Audio Song, Wav Splitter, Audio Cutter Download
MP3 Joiner Splitter
MP3 Joiner Splitter 5.1.8 download by Accmeware Corporation mp3 Joiner Splitter a FREEWARE which splits and joins mp3 files. Feature: # mp3 Joiner Splitter is a FREE mp3 splitter and joiner. # split mp3 files into sections by length, size and count. # Cut used-defined section. # Copy audio tag during the splitting process. # Join and merge mp3 files into one big file. # Support batch splitting and joining. # Incredibly fast and fully optimized for multiprocessor/multi-core systems. # On-the-fly ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/13/2011;    Filesize: 2.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: mp3 Splitter, mp3 Joiner, Split mp3, Join mp3, Free mp3 Splitter Download
Mp3Splt 2.41 download by Matteo Trotta Mp3Splt-project is a utility to split mp3 and ogg files selecting a begin and an end time position, without decoding. It's very useful to split large mp3/ogg to make smaller files or to split entire albums to obtain original tracks. If you want to split an album, you can select split points and filenames manually or you can get them automatically from CDDB (internet or a local file) or from .cue files.

Supports also automatic silence ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/26/2012;    Filesize: 236.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Splt mp3, Split Ogg, mp3 Splitter, Split, Splitter, mp3, mp3 Splt Download
Free MP3 Splitter Freeware
Free MP3 Splitter Freeware 1.0.5 download by Free MP3 Splitter Team Free mp3 Splitter Freeware is the best software for split MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (mp3) file. It is very easy to use without any special setting, only a few clicks complete the task of mp3 file split. It is made for the beginner as well as having advanced functions for the professional user. It can detect your hardware configuration and decide an optimized split scheme automatically. Fully support AMD Athlon+oOC?To 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor and Intel+eT« ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 05/11/2012;    Filesize: 5.2 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: mp3, Splitter, Cut, Audio Download
MP3 Cutter
MP3 Cutter 4.3 download by MP3 Cutter mp3 Cutter is a windows application allow you to cut large music or video file to small music pieces. With mp3 Cutter, you are able to cut not only mp3 format, but also WMA, WAV, AMR, WMV, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MP4, FLAC, OGG, WMV, MOV and more than 40 audio & video ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 03/20/2019;    Filesize: 14.9 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: mp3 Cutter Cut mp3 mp3 Split mp3 Splitter Download
Music to MP3
Music to MP3 1.0 download by Music to MP3 This tool can help you convert any music files to mp3 audio format. mp3 is the most popular audio format in the world. It is widely used in portable audio players, it is supported by all audio playing software. That's why it is so important to have a tool for easy and rapid music to mp3 encoding. This software is totally free, but it has a power of full-featured audio converter and editor. It is able to convert the following formats to mp3: WAV, WMA, ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/30/2012;    Filesize: 6.3 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Music To mp3, Audio Converter, Audio To mp3, mp3 Converter, Convert Audio Download
Adsen File Splitter
Adsen File Splitter 1.1 download by Adsen Software split files with this free file splitter. You can choose a predefined file size to be used for floppy disks, or you can specify your own custom segment size. After splitting a file, you simply just click join files to return the file to its normal ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 01/26/2007;    Filesize: 606.9 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Tags: File Splitter, Avi File Splitter, Video File Splitter, mp3 File Splitter, Free File Splitter, Split Files, Split Avi Files, Split mp3 Files, Split Mpg Files Download
mp3DirectCut 2.16 download by Martin Pesch All you need to cut your mp3

mp3DirectCut is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files for audio editing. This saves encoding time and preserves the original quality, because nothing will be re-encoded. The built in recorder creates mp3 on the fly from your audio input. Using Cue sheets, pause detection or Auto cue you ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/23/2012;    Filesize: 287.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Edit Mpeg, Change The Volume, No Quality Loss, Edit, mp3, Split, mp3 Direct Cut Download
MP3Gain (Stable) 1. 2. 2005 download by Glen Sawyer Tired of reaching for your volume knob every time your mp3 player changes to a new song? MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume. MP3Gain does not just do peak normalization, as many normalizers do. Instead, it does some statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear. Also, the changes MP3Gain makes are completely lossless. There is no quality lost in the change because ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 06/08/2012;    Filesize: 666.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: mp3 Adjust, mp3 Repair, mp3, Repair, Layer, Music Volume, Audio Volume, Human Ear, mp3 Player, mp3 Tracks Download
Beat Ball
Beat Ball 1.52 download by Imphenzia Games The in-game music is a compilation of some selected Imphenzia tracks Please note that the game is not intended to be competitive on the market, performance is poor in comparison due to the nature of code interpreter. If you think the download size is too big, download the lite version (no in-game music, reduced sound quality and some high res backgrounds replaced with tiles!) --- The music in the game can be downloaded as individual mp3 tracks from ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/01/2006;    Filesize: 32.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Arkanoid, Arcade, Breakout, Dxball, Magic Ball, Trance, Music, Electronic, Fun, Breakout Download
Mufin Music Finder
Mufin Music Finder 1.0 download by MAGIX AG Unlike the usual editorial rating systems, Mufin MusicFinder provides real analysis of all audio files and creates playlists with precisely matching songs on request - for at home and on the move on your mp3 player or iPod. Discover new music with online recommendations: Simply choose songs from your hard disk and get a list with recommended matching tracks straight away. The preview function lets you decide for yourself - the easiest way to find ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 05/09/2012;    Filesize: 26.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Magix, Mufin, Music, Find, Matching, Manager, Mood, Library, Playlist, Id3 Download
MP3 EmSee 1.5 download by Softplicity mp3 EmSee is a must have for all music lovers. The tool is unique - it will announce your mp3 songs before they are played on your pc. What for? Image that you downloaded megabytes of new music from the web and want to listen to it. You open your player, press start and sit in your comfortable armchair enjoying song after song. The problem is that all song are new to you and you do not know their titles. To jump to the monitor to find out the title ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 02/06/2007;    Filesize: 1.8 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Tags: Announce, Speech, Song, mp3, Wav Download
Zortam Mp3 Player
Zortam Mp3 Player 6 download by Zortam Zortam mp3 Player will enable you to listen all your favorite tracks and at the same time enjoy a show of lights and images visualizing the covers of your albums and song lyrics.You can add additional visualization plugins using Zortam visualization SDK .You can watch scrolling lyrics and cover arts together with different visualizations or static jpg backgrounds while playing mp3's. Player also support switching to full sreen graphic mode.You may ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 06/03/2016;    Filesize: 6.5 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
Tags: Zortam, mp3, Media, Studio, Player, Lyrics, Covers, Visualization Download
All Free MP3 Joiner
All Free MP3 Joiner 4.4.5 download by AllFreeVideoSoft You can also combine many separate music tracks into one non-stop audio CD. To save you time, the joiner also supports processing files in batches & customizing the output parameters. It will be definitely a new generation of mp3 joiner. All Free mp3 Joiner is an easy and fast audio tool to combine, merge or join mp3 files without recompressing and quality loss. Using our free mp3 joiner, you can join various audio files like mp3, WAV, WMA and OGG to a larger one within just a few seconds.
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/03/2014;    Filesize: 6.8 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
Tags: mp3, Joiner, Audio, Converter, Merger Download
Switch Free MP3 Converter
Switch Free MP3 Converter 4.22 download by NCH Software Switch mp3 is a free audio file converter for Windows. It can convert mp3, wav or wma file formats and more to the audio file format of your choice. A professional version is available from NCH Software. Switch mp3 is an audio file converter for Windows. It can convert mp3, wav, wma and many more audio file formats to the file format of your choice. Switch mp3 converter is easy to use. Just add the audio files to be converted to an audio file format to ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 11/26/2011;    Filesize: 501.1 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: mp3 Converter, Audio Converter, Convert To mp3, Convert Wav To mp3, Free, Encoder, Converting Mpeg4 Files To mp3, mp3 To Wave, mp3 Encoder Software, mp3 To Wav Download
Free CD to WAV MP3 WMA AMR AC3 AAC Ripper
Free CD to WAV MP3 WMA AMR AC3 AAC Ripper 3. 6. 1998 download by aml software Free CD to WAV mp3 WMA AMR AC3 AAC Ripper helps you convert digital-audio tracks directly from compact discs to mp3, WMA, OGG, AMR, AC3, AAC and WAV files. It has an easy-to-use design and high-speed ripping and conversion, and it supports the CDDB as well as CD-ROM auto detection.

Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/25/2012;    Filesize: 3.5 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Audio Cd Ripper, Wav, mp3, Wma, Ogg, Amr, Ac3, Aac Download
RZ MP3 Converter
RZ MP3 Converter 1.00 download by RealZeal Soft RZ mp3 Converter is an all-in-one free mp3 converter software that convert any popular videos and audios files to mp3 audio. It can rip AudioCD to mp3. It's the most powerful and cost-effective mp3 audio converter for you. RZ mp3 Converter Key Features: 1. Support all popular media files as source, such as: WMA, mp3, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, M4A, AMR, AVI, MP4(MPEG-4), H.264, H.263, Xvid, DivX, MPG(mpeg-1, mpeg-2), Mkv, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, 3GP, Flv, ASF, ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/21/2012;    Filesize: 17.3 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: mp3 Converter, Free mp3 Converter, Wma To mp3, Cda To mp3, M4a To mp3, Flac To mp3, Cd To mp3, Aac To mp3, Amr To mp3, Wav To mp3 Download
MP3 Player Library
MP3 Player Library download by Canopus-Ware mp3 Library Player is a popular application that catalogues Records and plays mp3 / iTunes music tracks. Facility to make,sort and load your own custom Play Lists. Edit the mp3 header Tag. Graphic Equalizer, Visualizations. Automatic Lyrics & Biography finder, editor. Mini Mode, BPM analyser, Record and mix your own mp3's with sound effects and fades, Winamp and Sonique visual plug-in compatible including over 100 effects. Makes finding tracks easy, ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 06/16/2012;    Filesize: 8.7 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: mp3 Player, Catalogue Music, Tag Editor, Library, mp3, Player Download