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Web Site Robot v2.4 by NetForAll

Web Site Robot is an easy to use site builder with blog tool, shopping cart, and online photo album. It is free and does not require additional software, HTML, programming, or hosting company. It enables secure online payments with credit cards, automatically creates and links thumbnails and music samples. There is unlimited storage space for your html, document, blog, photo, music, video, or any multimedia content. It allows an unlimited number of blogs and automatically archives old blogs. The Robot is free because NetForAll believes that users should not have to pay in order to provide content to the public. Creating your web site is straight forward: you copy files and folders into your web site folder, and the Robot does all the rest. It automatically creates thumbnail and builds your online photo album or picture gallery. It is very flexible and the visitor can even change templates on the fly, directly from the web browser. The Robot is designed to enable ordinary computer users, artists, authors, vendors, students, teachers, and others to easily publish or commercialize their material on the Internet, using the format that they want. They can focus on what they do best, while the Robot takes care of thumbnails, music samples, mp3, ogg, wma, previews, IP addresses, html, and other Internet related duties. It's great for blog page, e-commerce, small business, online photo album, education, hobby, and personal web site. It does everything you need to publish on the web, in just minutes without learning new skills.

What Changes:
Date Version Release History
02/17/2009 2.4 16MB RAM, 70MB disc space
Type:  Freeware
Price: USD $0.00
Tags:  Blog, Web Site Robot, Free, Netforall, P2p, Peertopeer, Web Design, Dynamic Ip Tracking, Shopping Cart, Ecommerce

Software Info

Released:February 17, 2009 Filesize:24.5 MB Language:English Platforms:Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Windows NT 4,Windows 2003 Server Install:Install

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