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Physics Cheat Sheet
Physics Cheat Sheet 1.2 download by Living Graphs Inc. Physics Cheat Sheet is an interactive physics package that helps students solve and visualize numerous physics equations. By checking their homework problems with Physics Cheat Sheet, students will better develop the mathematical thinking skills needed to succeed in physics. Physics Cheat Sheet was designed for use in high school and college physics ...
Type: Commercial;    Released: 02/17/2009;    Filesize: 2.5 MB;    Price: USD $10.00;
Platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Tags: Physics Cheat Sheet, Acceleration, Centripetal, Displacement, Distance, Energy, Force, Gravity, Impulse, Kinematics Download
Learn Physics
Learn Physics 1.0.4 download by Paul Cotarlea centripetal and Centrifugal Forces
Section 4. Rotational Motion

7. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
Section 1. Fluids and Solids: Fundamentals
Section 2. Mechanical Properties of Solids
Section 3. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Section 4. Pascal's principle (Pascal's law)
Section 5. Archimedes' principle


1. Electrostatics
Section 1. Net Electrical Charge
Section 2. Conductors and Insulators

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