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Easter Dinner Checklist
Easter Dinner Checklist 1.03 download by VIP Quality Software Holding an Easter dinner can be a huge undertaking if you plan to invite guests and celebrate this holiday in the best way. Easter dinner Checklist is designed to help families pull off the dinner successfully. It gives ideas on traditional Easter dinner and suggestions on planning a festive party. The word "Easter" comes from "Eostre", name of an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess. In the ancient world pagans honored this goddess by organizing an ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 09/12/2017;    Filesize: 790.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Easter, Dinner, Family, Lamb, Gifts, Eggs, Idea, Guest, List, Meat Download
Complimentary $100 Seafood Dinner 1.12 download by Free Seafood You can use this free program to get a totally free seafood dinner for you and your family. Getting a seafood dinner used to cost a LOT, now with seafood finder you can get totally FREE ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 01/01/2007;    Filesize: 357.9 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Free Seafood, Seafood Cheap, Get Cheap Seafood, Best Seafood, Cheap Seafood, My Seafood, The Best Seafood, Seafood, Lobster, Crabs Download
Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner 1. 3. 2000 download by Novel Games Limited In this game there will be a table full of food, and you will need to arrange the family members to sit at the table. Each family member will have their own preference of whether to sit close to a certain dish, or not to sit close to a certain dish, they may also like to sit close to a certain person, or not to sit close to a certain person. Use the mouse to drag the family members to their seats, and then press the finish button when finished.
Type: Freeware;    Released: 05/04/2012;    Filesize: 263.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving Feast, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Table, Seat, Sitting Arrangement, Puzzle Games, Logic Games Download Dinner Spinner Dinner Spinner 2.1.2 download by, Inc.

NEW! dinner Spinner is also a SCANNER! Now you can:

1) Scan ingredients and add them permanently to the spinner. A tasty new recipe for your favorite ingredient will always be seconds away.
2) Scan any ingredient to find a recipe that uses it. You*ll turn that forgotten can of crushed tomatoes into an amazing dinner.
3) Scan ingredients and add them to your NEW mobile shopping list. You*ll sail through the store.

Your ...
Type: Freeware;    Filesize: 8.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro 2.1.1 download by, Inc. dinner Spinner Pro gives you full access to the world*s #1 recipe site from your Android phone. And now dinner Spinner makes home cooking even easier, giving you the power to scan grocery items for recipe searches and shopping lists.

Can you give us a way to scan grocery items with our phone, to put into recipe searches and shopping lists? Done and done! Scan any grocery item and you can add it permanently to the spinner, ...
Type: Shareware;    Filesize: 7.5 MB;    Price: USD $2.93;
Animated Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper
Animated Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper 2.0 download by On the eve of Thanksgiving, let this wallpaper mark your screen. The cool orange background and the artistic frame here show all the symbols of the occasion. Enjoy this Thanksgiving by watching this free animated wallpaper on your ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 11/01/2006;    Filesize: 1.8 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Thanksgiving, Thankful, Wallpaper, Happy, Desktop, Good, Wishes, Joyful, Flash, Cool Download
DinnerTimer Lite
DinnerTimer Lite download by Analysis UK Ltd dinner Timer Lite isn't just a cooking timer, it can be used any where a countdown timer is needed. dinner Timer Lite has a comprehensive range of features, including configurable notifier's, such as sound (wav file or built in) and pop-up bubble. Please see the features page on for a more comprehensive list. dinner Timer Lite can be downloaded for ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 12/06/2006;    Filesize: 4.5 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Tags: Dinner Timer, Cooking Timer, Timer Download
DinnerWiz 2.11 download by RL Vision Figuring out what to eat to dinner each night is not an easy thing to do 365 days a year. This free program will assist you by suggesting a weekly menu based on your preferences. It's very easy to use and the result is a nice looking menu that you can use for inspiration (or follow strictly if you want to).


Create new menus with a single click
Dishes are randomly chosen
Setup the food to suit your taste
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/27/2012;    Filesize: 655.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Weekly Menu, Suggest Menu, Dinner Dish, Menu, Dish, Dinner Download
Darwin the Monkey
Darwin the Monkey 1.0 download by Rock Solid Games After having his bananas stolen by a nasty tribe of jungle frogs, Darwin must venture deep into the jungle to kick some frog butt and reclaim his dinner! Buy the full version and enjoy all the features - 30 handcrafted levels, 6 varied gameplay types, hours of lighthearted family friendly ...
Type: Shareware;    Released: 04/18/2007;    Filesize: 12.2 MB;    Price: USD $19.95;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Tags: Platformer, Family, Game, Free, Darwin, Rock, Solid, Games Download
CookBook+Calendar 3.9 download by Binary House Software Be in control of your meal calendar with Cookbook+Calendar! Create your own recipe database and manage a diet, a menu or a dinner party. The program features importing and exporting recipes, search by name or by main ingredients, and many more. Cookbook+Calendar is a scheduler, that enables to plan a menu, a diet or a dinner party, and to store recipes. A handy tool for those who want to manage meal planning calendar quickly and easily, it will be essential for grocery and restaurant managers, ...
Type: Shareware;    Released: 11/14/2017;    Filesize: 16.8 MB;    Price: USD $49.95;
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Recipe, Cookbook, Manager, Store, Cooking, Helper, Diet, Software, Food, Database Download
Dream Aquarium 3D Screensaver
Dream Aquarium 3D Screensaver 1.0 download by 3D Savers Are you thinking of a nice romantic dinner with candles? Can you believe your computer can be a part of the special setting for the evening? It's true. This free Dream Aquarium 3D Screensaver will help you create the proper atmosphere. Put it on your monitor and you will see a little cosy aquarium with two beautiful fishes, two heart-shaped pincushions and a burning candle nearby. The only thing left to do is to cook a ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 03/25/2012;    Filesize: 3.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Dream Aquarium 3D Screensaver, Dream Aquarium 3D, Aquarium, Screensaver, Download Screensaver, Free Download, 3d Screensaver, Free 3d Screensaver Download
Flash flip book template of Candle light
Flash flip book template of Candle light 1.0 download by Birthday celebrating, romantic dinner, mourning----we light up candles when we are happy or sad. In a long time of human history, candle plays an important role as lighting tools. In modern times, candles don't disappear because of the invention of electric light, and are doing great job on creating warm atmosphere. These themes are all in such feelings; you will feel great with them. Come download our pre-design free template for flash books that ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 07/04/2012;    Filesize: 3.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Freeware, Free Flash Ebook Themes, Free Flash Template, Free Software, Product, Free Download, Free Flip Book Themes, Flash, Flipping, Flipping Book Download
Flip_Themes_Package_Lively_Christmas 1.0 download by Christmas is coming, what kind of decorations you will use to beautify your hours, dinner table, even Christmas Tree? Will you send greetings to your friends or clients in traditional and old X'Mas card way? Popular modern decorations include Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, holly, bells, candles, candy canes, stockings, wreaths, and angels. Both the displaying of wreaths and candles in each window are a more traditional ...
Type: Freeware;    Released: 04/12/2012;    Filesize: 4.8 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Templates, Themes, Lively, Christmas, Holiday, Warmest, E-Card, Send, Dear, Family Download
Thanksgiving by Drawing Hand 5.6c 1.0 download by Drawing Hand Creations Watch as an artists hand draws a classic Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner. There are over 150 drawings that can be downloaded and added to this screen ...
Type: Shareware;    Released: 07/10/2012;    Filesize: 2.3 MB;    Price: USD $24.95;
Decision Maker 2.0 download by Can't decide where to go for dinner or which movie to see? Don't argue, just take it to the wheel! With Decision Maker, you create a category that needs an arbitrary decision made called a list (i.e. restaurants, movies, etc.), then you add items to the list, and leave your decision making up to the wheel! Give the wheel a good spin and see what comes up.

Note, another fun use of this application is as a fortune teller. To do this, create a list ...

Type: Freeware;    Released: 03/13/2012;    Filesize: 2.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Chef365 download by Dojocode Chef365 is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to plan lunch and dinner meals for an entire year.

Chef365 is very easy to use: just enter the food names in the corresponding fields. The application is portable, which means you will be able to carry it around on a removable drive.

Type: Shareware;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows XP
Tags: Chef365, Meal, Planner, Plan, Organizer Download
Gluttons Recipe and Cookbook Package 1.0 download by If you're running out of ideas as to what to cook for dinner, for a special occasion or for lunch or breakfast, don't worry. We've just released a brand new package of eight recipe cookbooks that will provide hundreds of recipes and cooking tips. You'll never run out of ideas again. A lot of the recipes have very few ingredients and the dishes are simple to whip up. I've used some of these recipes at home and the kids loved them. You can't lose.
Type: Shareware;    Filesize: 1.9 MB;    Price: USD $19.95;
Platforms: Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Cooking, Ebook, Recipes, Book, Cookbook, Vegetarian, Soup, Bread, Chicken, Jewish Download
Bug Rush Free
Bug Rush Free 1.25 download by Four Pixels dinner is served and bug soup is on the menu! In this floral inspired tower defence game you control a colourful selection of carnivorous plants; deadly and determined not to let a single insect cross the garden. Plant your plants in intricate mazes and watch in amazement as bug squash carnage ensues.

If you are into tower defense games like Robo Defense, Fieldrunners, Bloons TD, Plants vs Zombies, Grave Defense or desktop TD you will love Bug Rush.

Type: Freeware;    Filesize: 13.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Recipes Free Healthy App
Recipes Free Healthy App 3 download by SeedBright Recipes Free Healthy App - Get the best recipes guide for heart healthy recipes,healthy dinner ideas,healthy smoothies,healthy diet plans,healthy pizza,easy healthy dinner,easy healthy meals,healthy cookie recipes,healthy crock pot recipes,healthy salad recipes,healthy snack ideas,quick and easy dinner recipes,cheap healthy meals,healthy eating for kids,healthy muffin recipes,healthy breakfast ideas,healthy cake recipes,healthy pasta recipes,healthy ...
Type: Freeware;    Filesize: 2.4 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Betty CrockerA® Mobile Cookbook
Betty CrockerA® Mobile Cookbook 3.1 download by General Mills, Inc. Wondering what*s for dinner? Or how to make your favorite cake? Turn to the expert who*s been answering those questions for decades. Betty Crocker is here to help you with this mobile version of the world-famous Betty Crocker Cookbook.

This FREE application puts more than 2,500 tried-and-true recipes at your fingertips - and it*s fully loaded on your Android device, so it*s lightning-quick and doesn*t require a wireless or 3G connection.

Type: Freeware;    Filesize: 548.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;